Frequently asked Questions

What is the age requirement?

Contestants must be at least 18 years old. There is no age limit.

Is there a height requirement?

Definitely not!

Is there a talent portion?

Contestants are judged in four categories only: 1. Private interview 2. Swim/Fitness 3. Evening gown 4. On-stage question (for semi-finalists and finalists only)

I’ve never entered a pageant before. Do I have a chance to win?

Yes. It truly depends on the individual. Everyone is given a fair opportunity to win!

Is there an entry fee?

Yes. The entry fee covers the cost of doing business such as renting a theatrical facility, designing sets and music, as well as printing, advertising, crown and sash expenses and more.

Do I have to have a platform?

Yes. The winner is required to complete two community service or pageant appearances each month and this cannot be a photoshoot or just a photo in the community. By promoting a platform important to you, you have the best chance of telling your story to the judges and completing your community service. We believe pageantry is about more than beauty, it's about giving back to our communities and being a mentor to those around us.

Can I be divorced?

Miss Virginia for America Strong contestants can be single, divorced, or widowed. Mrs. Virginia contestants must be legally married.

How is the pageant scored?

OPENING NUMBER OUTFIT: For the 2022 pageant, Miss Virginia for America Strong contestants will wear a BLUE cocktail dress or suit/jumpsuit (no long dresses or overskirt) and Mrs. contestants will wear WHITE. Shoes should be clear or skin color. You are not judged on this portion of the show, but it is the first time the judges will see you on stage. FITNESS COMPETITION: For the 2022 pageant, contestants may wear a one or two-piece swimsuit of their choice and have full bottom coverage. Swimsuits must be cleared by the director no later than 30 days prior to the pageant. Shoes should be clear or the color of your skin. 25% of your score is based on your figure, fitness, posture, beauty, and confidence. PRIVATE INTERVIEW: 5-minute Panel Style Interview. Interview attire is normally a nice business-style dress. 50% of your score is based on how well you show the judges your ability to articulate, show confidence, and your overall personality and appearance. EVENING GOWN: Floor-length gown any color any style. 25% of your score is based on your poise, posture, grace, elegance, and overall look. Mrs. constestants will be escorted by their spouses or family member if their spouse is unable to attend. SCORING SYSTEM: 25% fitness, 25% evening gown, 50% private interview. We follow the Mrs. America scoring system.

What is the refund policy?

There are no refunds for pageant fees, program book fees, ticket sales, swag, or any other item associated with the pageant.

What is the prize package and sponsorships?

Please see our prize and sponsor page updated continuously!