2020 - Courtney Phillips
Miss Virginia for america


About Courtney

Courtney Phillips is a mental health advocate who created the outreach initiative Hope for Invisible Wounds to normalize help-seeking behavior for mental illness and substance abuse disorder by leveraging the power of storytelling. 

With over 15 years of pageant experience, Courtney views the crown and banner as instruments to empower women and girls to make impacts in their communities. She provides mentorship to other pageant women as a coach helping her clients define their purpose and message through skills she's refined in her career in Marketing and Public Relations in the public and private sectors.


Courtney has been highlighted on news segments, publications, podcasts, and blogs, and was featured as a SHERO in Thrive Global's SHERO series, which resulted in her becoming a comic book hero and sharing her story in the #SHERO Project documentary. 

She’s a national ambassador for the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI), represented World Federation for Mental Health at the United Nations General Assembly’s Universal Healthcare Day, and has volunteered at UNICEF’s World Children’s Day at their world headquarters in Manhattan.