2021 - heather Marie Van Cleave
Miss Virginia for America Strong


About Haeather Marie Van Cleave

Heather Marie Van Cleave is a daughter of two Broadway actors, a single mom of three amazing teenagers, a survivor of domestic violence and a fashion-infused Mental Health Advocate.


In May 2021, she won the title and crown as Miss Virginia for America Strong 2021 to continue her platform on a larger scale and will compete for the Miss for America Strong title in November 2021in Las Vegas.

In the public eye, she's a motivational speaker and spokeswoman on many platforms, including Heather Marie Speaks and RVA Fashion Week, sharing encouragement on the air to thousands of listeners weekly, as well as in corporate settings both virtually and in person.

She also gives exclusive mental health consultations to help people on a personal level with multi-layered lifestyles, whether it's in the dark secrets of fame or from the stress and anxiety that can find it's way into the lives of many successful people. 

She is an entrepreneur who has thrived in the business management and operations fields most of her life as well as a Jane of all trades, recently purchasing and rebranding an English Tea room in downtown Richmond, VA, called Queen Bee & Co. where she offers her guests a destination experience of English High Tea, as well as encouraging her guests to enjoy a relaxing environment and moment of pause in their life for their mental health and self-care.  


She released a single with the well-known DJ and producer, Andrew Hypes on Valentine's Day 2021 called "Fairytale," encouraging both men and women to make sure they love themselves first before they try to love anyone else. The single can be found on all streaming platforms with more music collaborations coming soon!

After personally living in dark moments of her own life with fears and anxiety, she learned how to overcome and survive with a passion to help others who may be struggling to help them overcome, too. Her passion is to empower her kids and everyone she meets by sharing her story and encouraging others to share theirs, too.